In planning this blog, Wednesday posts will feature a list of compact discs or DVDs of interest in our ever-growing media collection. Since our facility is closed at this time (except to a very few), it seems unfair to promote such a list. However they will be a regular feature once the academic semester commences.

So I will take this opportunity to announce our plans for the media room in our renovated library. Over the next year, the library will undergo a complete renovation. Most of the work will be accomplished over the summer of 2007. Our media services will be relocated to the lower level, to the former percussion studios. We have approval for a distributed audio system – enabling us to distribute any recording to all user stations. Compact shelving will house the items behind a service desk. The room will feature TWO group listening rooms.

At the present time, the media collection is bursting at the seams. We have completely filled our media shelving with over 10,000 compact discs. Over this summer we have doubled our DVD collection which now includes 160 titles.

Our compact discs and DVDs are cataloged. We also maintain an updated list at our Circulation desk (compiled diligently by Denise Green).

Future media roomPhoto of future media room.


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