Bach and Beethoven

Imagine how many articles, essays, books and dissertations exist about the music of Bach? One would assume that there is a similar hord of resources that focus on Beethoven, his life and music. How do you locate these resources? Two resources on the Internet provide us with extensive lists of resources related to both of these composers.

  • Bach Bibliographic Database: It would be impossible to contain the list of sources on Bach in print form. Therefore, Yo Tomita, a Bach scholar developed this database to collate resources on Bach. The Bach Bibliographic Database is a compilation of over 21,000 resources on this composer & his music. The databases’ complex search enables to qualify your search by genre, aspect of discussion, language and the type of resource (article, book, etc.) . This resource is an excellent place to begin.
  • Beethoven Bibliographic Database: The Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies in San Jose, California holds the largest collection of Beethoven resources outside of Europe. The Beethoven Bibliographic Database describes their extensive collection, including articles, books, editions, dissertations and other resources.

Once you glean a list of resources on your topic from either of these resources, you may check to see if  either the CIM or Kulas Music Library has them. It many cases, you will be able to locate them here. If not, we would be happy to assist you in accessing them through Interlibrary loan.


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