New Music

CIM’s New Music Festival begins this Thursday with a symposium featuring guest conductor David Wiley and composer Margaret Brouwer. Composers Robert Beaser and Tania León will also contribute to the week-long event which culminates in an orchestra concert on Wednesday, October 18 at 8:00 p.m. Explore the following recordings of these composers’ music.


CDc 6987

Song of the bells, for flute and orchestra
The old men admiring themselves in the water, for flute and piano

CDc 9682

The heavenly feast, for soprano and orchestra

CDc 8584

Little requiem with fanfares, for brass quintet
Fanfare with alleluias, for brass quintet

CDc 2361

Indígena, for trumpet with chamber orchestra
Parajota delaté, for piano, flute, clarinet, violin, and violoncello
Rituál, for piano
A la par, for piano and percussion
Batéy, for 6 amplified singers and 6 percussionists

CDc 2603

Journey, for soprano, flute, and harp

CDc 1910

Momentum, for piano

CDc 6511

Pueblo mulatto, for soprano, oboe, guitar, bass, percussion, and piano

CDc 8243

Momentum, for orchestra
Chinese folk dance suite, for violin and orchestra
Dunhuang fantasy, for organ and wind ensemble
Romance and dance, for two violins and orchestra
Tu, for orchestra


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