We’ve moved (partially)

On Monday, the final part of the score collection was shelved. We were thrilled to have space remaining in most sections for future growth. This week the library staff will be busy setting up their new office spaces as well as the library as a whole.

Construction is still in progress so we will not be opening the library this week. There are still lots of details to be tended to. The library will reopen on Monday, August 27th. Faculty members who need materials prior to this date should submit a request to Bonnie Houser (for books and scores) and Denise Green (for AV materials) by Thursday, August 23. These items will be available for check out in Room 108 on Friday. Please bring a valid CIM ID with you.

Look for a memo from Jean Toombs for a complete update on the renovation and plans for the coming week.

We are excited to show you this new facility. However, we cannot give tours until our official opening on August 27th. We appreciate your patience as will be working hard to set the library up by Monday. Our time & efforts will be focused on this goal.

Returning students who have questions about a library hold should contact James Hilton, our circulation manager at 216-795-3114.

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