Milhaud on CD

In recognition of the upcoming 15th annual Darius Milhaud Prize competition on March 29th at CIM, the Robinson Music Library would like to highlight new additions of the composer’s music to the library’s media collection.

11309.jpgCDc 11,309 CDc 11,307 CDc 11,292 CDc 11,288

New CDs featuring the music of Darius Milhaud

CDc 11,340 Arthur Honegger and Darius Milhaud
CDc 11,338 Milhaud. A Capella Choral Works
CDc 11,337 Milhaud. Sonatine for Two Violins. Thomas Christian, Daniela Preimesberger, violins
CDc 11,331 Milhaud Elegie. Ronda Metszies, violoncello
CDc 11,328 Milhaud. Médée. Air de Créuse. Natalie Dessay, soprano
CDc 11,325 Milhaud. Sonatine. Jean-Louis Beaumadier, flute
CDc 11,317 Milhaud. Pastorale, organ, op. 229. Arturo Sacchetti, organ
CDc 11,316 Milhaud. Tabernacles. Susanne Kessel, piano
CDc 11,312 Milhaud. The 6 Little Symphonies
CDc 11,309 Milhaud. Concerto pour marimba/vibraphone et orchestre; Cortège funèbre; Symphoniette pour cordes
CDc 11,304, 11,305 & 11,308 Milhaud. The Early String Quartets and Vocal Works, vol. 1-3
CDc 11,307 Darius Milhaud: Composer, Pianist, and Conductor
CDc 11,301 Milhaud. Chamber Music with Viola
CDc 11,293 Milhaud. Le carnaval d’Aix, op. 83b; L’apothéose de Molière, op. 286; Le carnaval de Londres,op. 172; Le boeuf sur le toit, op. 58
CDc 11,292 Chamberworks. Ensemble Polytonaal
CDc 11,290 Milhaud at Mills: Celebration in Song
CDc 11,288 Viola Works. Kenneth Martinson, viola

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