Fall reading…books to explore

New Books are arriving all the time at the Robinson Library.  Below is a list of new books that have arrived throughout the past couple of months.  If you need help finding a book or have a question about new arrivals feel free to talk with a library staff member.


ML 410.Ba122 ab76 About Bach. Butler, Stauffer & Greer
ML 410.Bi539.C844h Harrison Birtwistle Man, Mind, Music
ML 410.C773 C246sw Swing Along: The Musical Life of William Marion Cook. Carter.
ML 410.G323 G829g George Gershwin. Greenberg
ML 410 J251 T985j v.1 Janacek:  Years of Life; Volume I: 1854-1914.
ML 410 J251 T985j v.2 Janacek:  Years of Life Volume II: 1914-28. Tyrell
ML 410 Iv3 M271c Charles Ives Reconsidered. Magee
ML 410 L825 R449f Frank Loesser. Riis
ML 410.M278 R727g Gustav Mahler. Rosenzeig
ML 410.M877 Ba144in 2008 Interpreting Mozart. Badura-Skoda.
ML 410 Sch33m P182 Mission Impossible: my life in music. Schifrin & Palmer
ML 410.Sch63 M145s 2008 Schoenberg. MacDonald
ML 410 Se72 OL5r Roger Sessions: A Biography. Olmstead
ML 410 Se72 OL5r Roger Sessions and his Music. Olmstead
ML 402 Sh24m Maestros in America:  Conductors in the 21st Century. Sharpe & Stierman.
ML 410.Si11 R421j Jean Sibelius. Rickards
ML 410.V584 G367v Verdi and the French Aesthetic. Giger


MT 121.R262 M536so Songs of Max Reger: A Guide & Study. Mercier
MT 820 Sm68n The Naked Voice. Smith
MT 883 Ad17h 2008 A Handbook of Diction for Singers: Italian, German, French. Adams
ML 80 H364 Y834h Heinrich Heine and the Lied. Youens


ML 54.8 J355t v.2 Translations and Annotations of Choral Repertoire; Volume I: German Texts. Plaine/Jeffers
ML 54.8 J355t v.3 Translations and Annotations of Choral Repertoire; VolumeII: French and Italian Texts. Plaine/Jeffers


ML 457.V651ar The Art of Musical Phrasing in the Eighteenth Century. Vial
DC 731 M569c Crescendo of the Virtuoso. Metzner
ML 1731.2 W729o O Let Us Howle Some Heavy Note. Winkler
ML 3776 M819j Tunes for ‘toons’: Music and the Hollywood Cartoon. Goldmark
ML 3776 M819j Jewish Studies: Nationalism, Racism, and Utopianism in Twenitieth-Century Music. Monricz
ML 3797.K147m Music, Criticism and the Challenge of History. Karnes
ML 3917.F844 F887 French Music Culture and National Identity, 1870-1939. Kelly


ML60 W125st Richard Wagner Stories and Essays. Wagner
ML410 W125 D349wa Wagner’s Rienzi. Deathridge
ML 410 W125 D349w Wagner: Beyond Good and Evil. Deathridge
Ml410 W125 C215w Wagner and the art of the Theatre. Carnegy


ML 410 Ba122 Ap37b Bach in Berlin. Applegate
ML 457 H38en The End of Early Music. Haynes
ML 457 C993es Essays on the Performance of Baroque Music: Opera and Chamber Music in France and England. Cyr


MT 145 P943 Be456p Prokofiev’s Piano Sonatas. Berman
ML 410 C997 Be468 Beyond The Art of Finger Dexterity: Reassessing Carl Czerny. Gramit
ML 410 L699 W152r Reflections on Liszt. Walker
ML 417 Sch852 R271c 2001 Clara Schumann: The Artist and the Woman. Reich
ML 700 C187m The Mechanical Muse: The Piano, Pianism and Piano Music, c. 1760-1850. Carew
ML 700.C187c The Companion to the Mechanical Muse: The Piano, Pianism and PIano Music, 1760-1850. Carew

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