Donald Erb Discography

On Sunday, March 29th at 7 pm, the CIM Composition Department is presenting A Tribute to Donald Erb. The concert features performances of the music of this distinguished composer by the CIM New Music Ensemble (Keith Fitch, director), Yolanda Kondanassis, Josph Connors, Alexander Pride and the CIM Orchestra with special guest conductor, Leonard Slatkin.

In recognition of this event, the Robinson Music Library has compiled a discography of  Donald Erb’s music held by the Robinson and Kulas Music Libraries.    We hope this encourages further exploration and appreciation of Donald Erb’s music.


Call Numbers for recordings at the Kulas Music Library are prefaced by “Kulas.” For recordings held by both libraries, only the CIM call number is listed. The call number provides a link to a complete description of the recording.
Call Number Title Contents
Label Year
Kulas CD3291 The art of trumpet and percussion Diversion for two aca 1997
CDc 10,165 Aubade Aubade Azica 2004
Kulas DESTO7128 Bertram Turetzky, contrabass Basspiece, for double bass and tape Desto [1975]
CDc 2000 Clarinet concerto ; Violin concerto ; Trombone concerto Title describes contents
Koss Classics 1995
CDc 1158 & CDc 3132 Chamber music The watchman’s fantasy  — Aura II  — Five red hot duets for two contrabassoons  — String quartet no. 2 Albany Records 1993
LPc CL 040 Cleveland Composers Guild Sonneries Crystal 1976
Kulas OPO 1 Diversion for two Diversion for two —  Phantasma — String trio for violin, violoncello, and electric guitar Opus One 1966
CDc 1957 Drawing down the moon And then toward the end (1971) for trombone and tape  — Cenotaph (1979) for symphonic band  — Woody (1988) for clarinet  — Symphony for winds (1989) for college wind ensemble  — Drawing down the moon (1991) for piccolo and percussion New World Records 1994
Kulas Room CA1 The infernal machine (et. al] Prismatic variations Elektra/Asylum/Nonesuch 1986
CDc 375 The London Philharmonic celebrates American composers Concerto for contrabassoon and orchestra / Donald Erb Leonarda 1990
Kulas ARS NOVA 1008 Metamorphosis Kyrie — Summermusic — Trio for two Ars Nova/Ars Antiqua [1970]
CDc 1099 Music of Cleveland composers Nebbiolina Truemedia Records 1992
CDc 564 Music of Donald Erb The devil’s quickstep (1983) — The rainbow snake(1984) — Sonata for clarinet and percussion (1980) — Quintet (1976)  — The last quintet : (1982) — Sonata for harpsichord and string quartet (1962) CRI [1991]
LPc BA 623 Naumburg Award Winners Three pieces for brass quintet and piano Composers Recordings 1975
LPc DO 080 New music for contrabass Trio for two Finnader 1977
Kulas NONE71223 Reconnaissance ; In no strange land Title describes contents Nonesuch Records [1969]
CDc 5647 Solstice ; Evensong ; Concerto for orchestra Title describes contents Koch International Classics 1998
Kulas LPc CL 044 Sonata for harpsichord and string quartet [et. al.] Sonata for harpsichord and string quartet Composers Recordings [1964?]
Kulas CRI183 Sonata for harpsichord and string quartet (1962) [et al. Title describes contents Composers Recordings [1964?]
Kulas LOU 772 Spatial fanfare : for brass and percussion ; Concerto for trombone and orchestra ; Christmasmusic ; Autumnmusic Title describes contents Louisville Orchestra First Edition Records 1970
CDc 7969 Suddenly it’s evening String quartet no. 3 (1995) — Suddenly it’s evening [1997] — Three poems : for violin and piano (1987)  — Three pieces for double bass alone (1999) CRI 2000
CDc 3422 Sunlit peaks and dark valleys Remembrances — Sonata for solo violin  — Sunlit peaks and dark valleys — Sonata for solo harp  — Changes New World Records 1997
Kulas TURN 34433 Symphony of overtures Symphony of overtures — Seventh trumpet — Concertos, percussion, orchestra Turnabout 197?
CDc 996 Works by Donald Erb Concerto for brass and orchestra — Concerto for violoncello and orchestra — Ritual observances New World Records 1992

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