New Reference Books, June 2009

Shrock, Dennis. Choral Repertoire. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009. Ref. ML 128.C456 Sh87c

Choral Repertoire is a descriptive survey of the choral music of the Western hemisphere as selected by the author, Dennis Shrock, according to the “historical significance” of the composer.  The book lists composers by country within the standard historical eras.  The author has selected to organize all content by “relative importance” with the exception of composers who are listed chronologically within the preceding categories.  A composer index is included to facilitate locating specific entries.  The author provides a historical overview of choral music for each era and country as well as a discussion of the specific composer’s general biography and choral music output.  Choral compositions are described including date, catalog number, scoring, and timing.

Thompson, J. Mark, ed.  Solos for the Student Trombonist. Vuarmarens, Switzerland: Brass Press, 2004. Ref. ML 128.T75 So47 2004

A bibliography of solos for solo trombone (both tenor, bass, and alto trombones) arranged by Grade level (from Grade 3 to 6).  Descriptive information for each work includes composer, title, editor, publisher, duration, range, degree of difficulty,  clefs used and special performance techniques etc.  Recordings of each solo are also listed.    The book includes several appendices including a complete list of recordings as well as indexes by title and composer.

Bayne, Pauline Shaw. A Guide to Library Research in Music. Lanham, Maryland: Scarecrow Press, 2008. Ref. ML 3797.Ba344g

In A Guide to Library Research in Music, Pauline Shaw Bayne provides a comprehensive manual on the intricacies of research methods and information tools in the field of music.  Aimed at the graduate student in music, the book is organized into three parts:  The Short Course; Music Research and Writing; How To: Discovery and Use Resources; and Resources: The Literature of Music.  This book may be used for individual study but could also serve as a class textbook.  The author provides learning exercises throughout the book.


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