Hale Smith

Composer and CIM alumnus, Hale Smith, died last Tuesday at the age of 84.  An obituary may be found at the New York Times.  Another remembrance by T.J. Anderson may be found at the NewMusicBox (American Music Center).

The Robinson Music Library collection features orchestral works, chamber music and vocal compositions by Hale Smith.  The following list highlights these scores & recordings describing their locations in our collection (or online).

Title Printed Music Recording
Anticipations, introspections and reflections for piano solo M25.Sm58an no holdings
Beyond the rim of day: three songs for high voice and piano M1621.Sm58b via Naxos Music Library
Contours for orchestra M1045.Sm58c no holdings
Dialogues and commentaries no holdings CDc 8082
Epicedial variations for violin and piano M221.Sm58ep CDc 9431
Evocation for piano. M25.Sm58ev CDc 6363 & CDc 8082
Faces of jazz. A set of pieces for the intermediate pianist M30.Sm58f no holdings
Five songs for soprano & violin Ref. M1624.8.Sm58 no holdings
In memoriam-Beryl Rubinstein no holdings LPc CL 041
Innerflexions for orchestra M1045.Sm58in (oversized) CDc 8082
Introduction, cadenzas, and interludes for eight players M842.Sm58in (in storage) no holdings
Meditations in passage: for soprano and baritone voices and
M1529.Sm58m no holdings
Ritual and incantations M1045.Sm58r CDc 12,008
Solemn music: organ, 4 horns, 4 trumpets, 3 trombones M902.Sm58so no holdings
Sonata, violoncello and piano M231.Sm58 op.10 no holdings
The Valley Wind: four songs for medium voice and piano. M1621.Sm58v CDc 8082
This little light of mine no holdings CDc 6272 v. 9
Three brevities, for solo flute M62.Sm58b (in storage) no holdings
Three Patterson lyrics: for soprano and piano M1621.Sm58p no holdings
Toussaint L’Ouverture–1803 no holdings CDc 8082
Variations a due no holdings CDc 8082
Variations for six players M617.Sm58v no holdings

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