Traveling music libraries

Having recently moved some distance and packed a multitude of heavy boxes of etudes, sonatas, and chamber music, I am enamored of digitization. Anything to get rid of hauling those 5o pound boxes up and down stairs is a big plus.

The slick and glittery IPad  offers a great option for paring down the physical mass of one’s personal music library. For less than $10, an IPad owner can download a music reader app to catalog, display, and, yes, even edit one’s music. The thing will even turn the page for you. UnrealBook and ForScore are two such apps that accept pdfs. To give credit where it’s due, I came across this tidbit while perusing Dr. Christoper Russells’ blog Technology in Music Education.

There are zillions of downloadable sheet music sites. One of the most complete is the Petrucci Music Library, otherwise known as IMSLP. Here at the Robinson Music Library we have a subscription to IPA Source where you can download pdfs of phonetic translations of various song texts. How cool would it be to put them on your IPad and have the chance to mark up the copy digitally with comments and rehearsal markings.

Reminds me of last summer’s YouTube post where the piano soloist played not from a trusted paper copy, but gently placed his IPad on the piano’s music stand.


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