Harvard’s Online Resources for Music Scholars

One of the many benefits of music librarianship is becoming a part of a large, friendly, and helpful organization called the Music Library Association. MLA’s membership consists of hundreds of music librarians from around the United States and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more giving group of people (please see February 2011 post about the recent annual MLA conference). Like all organizations, they offer an excellent list-serv called MLA-L that averages around 10 posts a day. One does not need to be a card-carrying member to subscribe. Topics include postings of various conferences and calls for papers, new resources guaranteed to make your research easier, along with the usual librarian fare of cataloging concerns and circulation issues. I’d highly recommend it for any serious scholar in the music field.

As a result of this friendly collaboration, the lovely librarians at Harvard have created a compendium of Online Resources for Music Scholars from around the world on various topics of music research. You’ll find both resources from the Morgan Library and Juilliard in this database (both were discussed in a January RML blog post). Try a keyword search of a specific composer and see what comes up. Special thanks to our colleagues in Cambridge for sharing such a labor of love with the larger scholarly community.


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