Tablet weddings

Recently came across this post from one of the copious (some might say crazy) number of RSS feeds to which I subscribe, Technology, Music, Life.

Fun to see how tablets are slowly invading our lives. Something that some still view as a toy is adapting quickly to develop a number of real world applications. Who would have thought a Kindle replacing a Bible?

However, all is not wine and roses with the proprietary agreements and licensing that come with e-books. Check out this piece on CNET news about Richard Stallman and his anti-ebook manifesto.

One thing that’s for sure is this new technology is certainly changing the way libraries offer their wares. Did you know that your Robinson Music Library provides access to a wide variety of ebooks? Just activate your VPN to get going.

I, for one, will be curious to see how many new CIM students arrive at the end of the month with a tablet under their arm.


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