5 questions

Anne Lockard

Anne Lockard, music cataloger

The blog is starting an occasional series of quick interviews with members of your Robinson Music Library team.

To begin, we will be featuring our very own music cataloger, Anne Lockard.

1. What’s your most memorable moment from your time here at CIM?

Anne: In summer 2006 watching daily from the library windows as a giant excavator demolished Le Pavillon with incredible precision and delicacy.

2. Tell us about the most unusual thing you’ve cataloged.

Anne: That may be Diggity-jig by Murray Houllif.  It’s for body percussion trio – 3 people or three groups of people tapping feet, clapping hands and patting knees.

3. Where’s your favorite place to eat in Cleveburg et pourquoi?

Anne: Probably my “go-to” restaurant is Aladdin’s on Cedar Hill.  It’s close, the food is always tasty and carefully done, there’s good stuff on the menu for omnivores and vegetarians alike, and they serve great juice drinks in addition to wine if you’re in that mood.  Oh, and it’s pretty affordable.

4. What are you reading right now?

Anne: I just finished collection of Willa Cather stories entitled O Pioneers! and Other Tales of the Prairie. I’m now reading Bossypants by Tina Fey.

5. As an alum, what would you tell a current student to make sure they take advantage of while at CIM?

Anne: CIM is just brimming with excellence, and you’ll find opportunities here you haven’t even dreamed of.  This is an amazing place to gather experiences that will set you up with a full toolbox for your musical life.  Focus on your specialty but keep your eyes wide open and jump on those opportunities to explore and expand your experience.


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