Bossy Pants Search Engines

Bossy PantsWhen I came across Alex Ross’ recent post on his top notch blog The Rest Is Noise, it really hit a nerve and knew I had to share.

“Is it just me, or does the Internet increasingly come across like some bossy high-school brat who’s always saying, “Why do you have to be different? Why can’t you be like everybody else?” In any case, I did mean to search for Louise Talma, goddamnit.”

This increasing personalization of the web and our access to it was sold as some wonderful panacea to solve our ageless problem of finding that proverbial needle in the haystack. Well, it seems to be personalizing us out of a possible wealth of results by only giving us what it thinks we want. But how can a machine know what a human being wants? But we’ve covered this ground before.

Enter your trusty librarian. Yes, we’re human and we have faults and biases, although we try our hardest to put them behind us when we’re helping our patrons. Our goal in the library is to help give you the tools to do your own searching and not just googling and calling it a day. Your Robinson Music Library offers a vast catalog and numerous databases such as JSTOR and RILM that go beyond the Google scratching of the surface (make sure you have VPN setup).

Don’t be duped by Google. Take the challenge to become expert searchers with the help of a friendly librarian.



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