Cities irrelevant?

Check out this groovy clip from the American Libraries Perpetual Beta blog. I’m always fascinated by our hunger to know what lies ahead. These sometimes silly predictions can seem quaint when reality rolls around the corner.

Mr. Clarke’s forecast of the demise of cities in the wake of technology is an interesting one. His premise is that communication with the help of satellites will evolve to a point that physical gathering places, like cities, will become irrelevant. We’ve been hearing the exact same warning regarding libraries for years. The availability of ebooks and downloadable music will far surpass the need for quaint gathering places like libraries.

Well, one look around your Robinson Music Library will dispel this notion immediately. At any given time, you will find students and faculty occupying our study areas. The reference desk is a hub of activity of ongoing problem solving. Facebook and email have brought us closer together, but none can replace face-to-face interaction which we all need a social animals.

Long live the library!


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