Career Hazards

By now, many of you may have already seen this explosive post on Having devoted a large chunk of my life to playing flute professionally and holding down a tenured position in an orchestra, I have to say that a lot of this information rings true. Even the BBC warns of the imminent health hazards that surface while innocently sitting within an orchestra.

Low levels of job satisfaction is the issue I would like to deal with in this post. Yes, there are a number of jaded and bitter musicians in the world, just as there are a number of jaded and bitter doctors, lawyers, and garbage haulers. However, one always has a choice how to react and create their own surroundings. Just so we don’t get too touchy feely here on a library blog, I’d like to address the options available to avoid this sinking stinking rathole view.

And the answer is? Get curious about your world. Continue to chase your dreams. Explore the lives and times of the composers. Listen to and be inspired by the recordings of the great opera companies of the world. Read about others in your field and their experience.

“Where can I learn all these things in one place?” you might be asking yourself.

Well, your Robinson Music Library is a step in the right direction. Start on your path of knowledge with the assistance of a helpful librarian. Take advantage of the multiple resources available to you online. Dream big.


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