What? No Wikipedia?

Today is the day Wikipedia is down, along with several other information sources, in protest of the SOPA legislation in Congress. The Stop Online Privacy Act is an attempt by our elected officials to reign in digital piracy. The Internet industry counters that it infringes on the free market place that makes the web what it is.

So what’s a scholar to do?

Well, did you know you have a wealth of informational resources available to you through your affiliation with the Cleveland Institute of Music?

This week I’ll give you a quick overview. Here is a quick listing of all the databases you might find helpful. You may find the list pictured below here.

List of Digital Reference Resources

In order to access any of these rich resources, you’ll first need to have VPN set up on your computer or Virtual Private Network. Basically, VPN just runs in the background on your computer when you have it activated and automatically grants you access to these resources as an affiliated member of the larger Case community.

Depending on your technology setup, you can choose the method that suits your computer.

And remember, if you are on campus, you do not have to have VPN running if you choose Case Wireless instead of Case Guest to hookup wirelessly.

Problems or questions? Don’t hesitate to contact your friendly reference librarian who will be more than happy to help you set it up. Bring your laptop to the library and she’ll walk you through it.

Happy New Year, all!


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