Disappearing Ink

Encyclopedia Britannica recently announced they were discontinuing the print version of their 32 volume encyclopedia in favor of an all-digital edition. Digital versions of reference works is not a new concept, but the disappearance of their print counterparts is an idea that has been slowly gaining steam over the past several years. The ability to edit and update in real time increases the relevancy of resources. Just check out Wikipedia, the often times spurious resource that invites one and all to edit their entries. The beauty (and perhaps bane) of the web is that information has the ability to be constantly updated. Here today, gone tomorrow. In the case of the Encyclopedia Brittanica, it’s a win-win situation; constant updates done by paid experts in their respective fields.

Fire up your VPN and check out the digital Britannica as one of your CIM privileges.

Enjoy our digital subscription to the New Grove Dictionary of Music, the Encyclopedia Britannica of music. Or enjoy the old school paper version here in your Robinson Music Library.


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