Librarians of Tomorrow

RML Circulation Supervisor, Nicole Thomas, demonstrates the library ropes to a Kent State library intern.

As a member of the University Circle library community, your Robinson Music Library is participating in a joint venture with Kent State University to promote librarianship as a career. Directed towards Kent State undergraduates, this pilot program is funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The course is a one-credit elective where interested students get a taste for the library field.

Part of the program includes the opportunity for enrolled KSU undergrads to shadow University Circle librarians. The Circle represents a myriad of arts institutions, from academic to historical to visual art to music. Each organization has its own library with its own unique collection. The locale is a perfect spot to provide a diverse experience as an introduction to the information career path.

Today your RML was visited by 2 undergraduates from Kent State who are interested in exploring a future in libraries. The interns had the opportunity to talk with real live librarians about their various areas of expertise which include collection development, cataloging, circulation, audio visual media, and reference.

One more way your library is giving back by educating and growing the future of our profession.


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