World Intellectual Property DayWhat’s a WIPO?

It stands for the World Intellectual Property Organization and they’re having their very own World Intellectual Property Day.

The point is to raise awareness of copyright and measures to protect intellectual property or “an opportunity to celebrate the contribution that intellectual property makes to innovation and cultural creation” according to WIPO Director General Francis Gurry.

Here in the library, we are very concerned about honoring the creators of content and making sure they are given their due. As a group, we plan to study and discuss the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) new publication  Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries over the summerIt’s important to make sure the works with which we are entrusted, such as books and recordings in both print and digital formats, are made available within the framework of law.

These are difficult waters to navigate in this digital sea of cut and paste copy. How far does one need to go to give appropriate credit when one song can contain a mash-up of upwards of 20 different cuts from 20 different artists as is popular in today’s remix culture? For more food for thought, check out these 4 short videos put together by Kirby Ferguson entitled Everything is a Remix.


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