Stemme Strauss Stupendous

DVDc 404 in Your Media Center

For those of you who missed the Cleveland Orchestra’s rendering of an unstaged version of Salome, I’m sorry you didn’t get to hear it. Performed over the last few weekends, this concert was one of those chicken-skin-great-to-be-alive  concert experiences. Why?

  1. Nina Stemme as Salome: omg, where did she come from? A quick search of our catalog shows 2 DVDS and a CD of her magnificent voice: Aida, Rosenkavalier, and an obscure Zemlinsky. Can’t wait to listen to these!
  2. Rudolf Schasching as Herod, Salome’s lecherous step-father: over the top wunderbar! He also has a small, but meaty collection of recordings here at your RML: Peter Grimes and Elektra. Nothing like hearing German sung (or sprechstimme-ed) by a native German speaker.
  3. The Cleveland Orchestra: every single one of those musicians on stage (and it was a big orchestra with woodwinds in 4s, 5s, and 6s) were completely into it. Even though I was in the back row at the top of the balcony, you could feel the electricity in the air.
  4. Salome: nothing like  twisted subject matter like a teenage crush on a priest, an angry mother, an over-imaginative stepfather to keep things lively. Just a quick key word search of “Salome” in the catalog pulls up a number of recordings, dvds, and even the original Oscar Wilde play on which the opera was based.

Plenty of resources here at your RML to accompany your dive into this amazing work!


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