NEOML strikes again!

Denise Green (far left) and Laurie Lake (2nd from right) attend NEOML gathering.

Last Friday, June 15th, was the second gathering of the Northeast Ohio Music Librarians held at the brand new Rock Hall Library and Archives. Resurrected last summer, this group capitalizes on the proliferation of music libraries and their respective keepers spread throughout the northeast Ohio area. Represented were music libraries from Baldwin Wallace, Kent State, Cuyahoga County Public, and Hiram College, among others.

Jean Toombs, RML director

We were given a thorough presentation on Rdio, a streaming music option for popular fare, which is being tried out by Cuyahoga County Public Library. This prompted  a discussion on ebooks and the various suppliers different libraries may be exploring. Our able and amiable host, Andy Leach, director of the Rock Hall Library and Archives, then gave us a tour of their gorgeous new facility which included a viewing of the original lyrics to “Purple Haze.” Funny to see such expert Hendrix’ penmanship (I’m serious here) on a crumpled up piece of paper preserved so painstakingly.

We left with plans to meet next at Kent State’s new performing arts library, hopefully within a year’s time.


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