Nice Things

When I was little, my dad and I used to have a tradition that occurred every night when he would tuck me in. We called it “Nice Things.” It was basically us reciting things that we found nice; ice cream, kittens, puppies, basically anything a 5 year old might be intrigued with. Well, we here at your Robinson Music Library are continuing along that path by identifying those Nice Things  in our collection that we really enjoy.

One Nice Thing: The Periodical Collection

I’ll start. My Nice Thing is our periodical collection. Part of my duties here at the reference desk include processing all the magazines and journals that arrive daily. It’s fun to skim through them and see what the latest and greatest is in the world of classical music. Also, very interesting to read over the titles in the academic journals to see what is rocking the world of current music scholarship.

Not only do we have over 100 print titles ready for your in-library viewing, but there are even more titles available online. You can check out the contents of some of our major serious journals in one of our Pinterest collections.

Stay tuned for other selections from your RML staff in this occasional series.


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