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Case Writing Center Schedule

Slick appt. scheduling to see a writing tutor

Did you know that Case has a  most excellent Writing Resource Center? Located in the Kelvin Smith Library down by Severance, students can schedule up to 60 minutes a week to meet with a tutor.

To schedule an appt. with  tutor, visit http://case.mywconline.com/. It will take you through a brief log-in screen and ask you to register your information. Then you can easily schedule time to meet with your own private tutor.

Once you get set up, you can get help online via a shared Google Doc with a trained professional!

Here’s some even more helpful resources:

Beyond Typing: The Students’ Guide to Writing 
SAGES guide to compositional style; how to find a theme, how to structure your paper, etc.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Excellent resource complete with over 200 writing exercises dealing with various grammar issues.

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips
Short and sweet daily posts on various grammatical conundrums.  Sign up to get them emailed to you daily or set up an RSS feed.

RML books on writing!


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  1. W Claspy

    The WRC main location is actually in Bellflower Hall (on Bellflower, natch) but some like to think their BEST location is in KSL.

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