5 Questions #3

Adding our third installment of brief interviews with your RML staff. So far, you’ve met Anne and Nicole. Today you’ll meet Media Librarian, Denise Smith Green.

Denise Smith Green, RML Media Librarian

1.What’s the best part of your job?

Denise: I think the best part of my job is helping people. That is a major reason I went into librarianship. I like to connect people with resources that will either improve the quality of their life or that of others with their playing, teaching, etc.

2. Tell us about one of the hidden treasures in the Media Center that you wish more people knew about.

Denise: If I had to just mention one hidden treasure, it would be the recordings we have from the WCLV radio show, Offbeat, hosted by CIM faculty member, Merry Peckham. The career perspectives she and her guests offer are really valuable to young musicians.

3. What’s your favorite color and why? 

Denise: I usually say green is my favorite color. Probably because it is the color of leaves, has so many interesting shades, and is also my last name.

4. One recording you would take with you to a desert island and why.

Denise: That is a tough question for me because I listen to so many different styles of music. Over time, I imagine I would tire of popular tunes, so I would say I would want to bring a standard “Classical” recording. Perhaps a collection of Wagner opera highlights that include the Tannhäuser overture. I always feel a little better after hearing that.

5. You work with a lot of students, Denise. In fact, you studied voice at CIM in the Professional Studies program. What is one piece of advice you’d like to give to these musicians of tomorrow? 

Denise: In school you will get to know your strengths and limitations. Embrace them, so you can be prepared for the career that is right for you. There are many careers in music that you may not even be aware of. CIM is a great place to study other musicians, master teachers, and professionals who perhaps have the job you want or that at least interests you. Find out what it is about them that got them the job. Also, don’t forget about the library after you graduate. There are valuable career resources available inside that you may not have had time to explore as a student.


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