Focus on Reference Assistants

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Meet Meghan Carey (cello), Brian Myer (baritone), and Corey Shotwell (tenor), members of the CIM graduate class of 2014, your RML’s newest Reference Assistants.

Here in the library, we hire a crew of student workers to help run our well-oiled machine. Students fill roles working in circulation, the orchestra library, cataloging and helping staff our media center, among other areas.

Carey, Myer, and Shotwell are undergoing intensive training twice a week for a six weeks to gain the skills to answer your questions at the reference desk. Here in the RML, we take your needs seriously. Each training session involves exploring a different resource in the library from the catalog to bibliographies to mastering database searching. In November, they will join Lexi Schiano (MM voice, 2012) and Laura Cotney (Professional Studies, voice) as full-fledged Reference Assistants, ready for your questions.

Corey says, “It’s great to be trained to work in the library because as masters students we’ll be preparing for our comps. This experience gives me a leg up.”

Stay tuned for more in our new occasional series featuring The Student Workers in Your RML!

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