Dance, Dance, Rite of Spring

I’ve been doing some quiet work hiding away in our lovely Media Center recently. It’s a great environment for isolated work! While squirreling away on my 401 lesson plans, I’ve definitely picked up on a buzz from the students. Student after student is coming down here to listen or watch one of the many Rite of Spring recordings or DVDs in anticipation of the upcoming CIM orchestra performance. It’s actually kind of exciting seeing these students all pumped about playing this classic work. They bring their music down and follow along with the various recordings. You can hear the “barbaric” rhythms spilling through the listening room doors.

The YouTube video above is a performance of the work with Pina Bausch choreography. For those of you who missed the movie on the revolutionary German choreographer that appeared around Cleveland earlier in the year at various art house venues, I highly suggest you check it out on dvd somewhere, somehow. It’s one of those Great To Be Alive movies, much like The Rite of Spring is with all its unbridled, pulsing energy.

Dance and music have always been a hot combo. There’s some great video on our Alexander Street Press database. Just make sure you have VPN up and running on your computer.

And don’t forget, we have a vibrant dance department here at Case. Enjoy their many scheduled performances!

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