Enter The Tumblr

Part of my job here as the Reference Librarian for the Robinson Music Library is to stay on top of trends, as in watching the horizon for the latest and greatest new technologies to continue to meet your ongoing needs (and those you didn’t know you had, yet).

Every day I come across a myriad of cool new sites devoted to various veins of musical scholarship. Most make it to The Facebook timeline. Others get incorporated into one of our many fabulous LibGuides. A lot of them get filed away for another time since they are so random that they defy this librarian’s penchant for organization.  I found myself wading through the buzzillion starred items in my Google Reader that hadn’t made it to my Delicious collection of tagged bookmarks and was trapped in “wow, that’s cool” and “gee, I forgot about this one” or “our students would flip over this one.” So many sites, too few platforms on which to broadcast them.

Enter The Tumblr.

With the semester winding down, I finally have the time to do something about these languishing urls of happiness. So, I created a tumblr which is basically a blog for short attention spans with an emphasis on social connection (yeah, yeah, web 2.0). My plan at this point is to use it for cool stuff, hence the name “Cool Stuff.”  I’ve long been frustrated by The Facebook timeline organization of posts (or lack thereof), so thought I’d try The Tumblr for a collection of links of coolness related to musical scholarship.

An ongoing list of cool links with pretty pictures all in one place.

Love. That.

Each post will automatically feed to The Facebook which feeds to The Twitter. Posts originating from The Facebook will be more RML-related (“Hey, kids! School’s been cancelled and you’re all getting kitties for Christmas!” just checking to see if you’re reading) and provide links to current music news. The blog will be for blahblahblahblah (like this) and more in-depth stuff.

And, btw, an apology for the blog’s sudden absence throughout the month that was November. Times are tough and papers needed grading.

Mahalo for your kokua.


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