Dated, but prescient

Forty-three years ago, this was the future. And some of us are still alive to tell the story.

As dated as this video is, both technologically and socially, who would have thought that forty-three years later we would have the capability to watch this film on our own time through our own individual screens or “video consoles.”

With the end of 2012 a few weeks away, the past is on my mind.

Technology has revolutionized our lives and, most definitely, our libraries. In 1969, card catalogs were de rigueur and CIM’s music library looked like this:

CIM Library 1960ish

The top picture features the listening room “with six, custom built listening tables,” a far cry from the 24 media carrels in the RML Media Center of today.

Note the prominent typewriter and notable absence of computers in the bottom shot.

Forty-three years from now will be the year 2055. Where will the library be then?

Where do we want to be?


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