Library Professional Development Day

Anne Lockard, Janet Winzenburger, Jean Toombs, Denise Green, Nicole Thomas, Roger Zender

Anne Lockard, Janet Winzenburger, Jean Toombs, Denise Green, Nicole Thomas, Roger Zender

Yesterday, Wed 9 Jan 2013, your RML staff closed the library and devoted itself to learning. Proposed by library director, Jean Toombs, the day consisted of a series of presentations describing the latest and greatest in library technologies and issues.

The morning kicked off with Circulation Supervisor, Nicole Thomas, giving a well-researched talk about LibGuides. Did you know that your RML has quite a collection of these outstanding finding aids?

We then were treated to visits from Kelvin Smith Library tech gurus, Mike Yeager and Roger Zender. Mike runs our ILS (Integrated Library System) which is Secret Library Jargon for the system that catalogs our stuff and checks it all in and out. Roger discussed the evolution of the KSL website and the implementation of responsive design or how websites make themselves smaller and larger based on their delivery platform (iPad, desktop, mobile).

Anne Lockard, Janet Winzenburger, and Jean Toombs

Anne Lockard, Janet Winzenburger, and Jean Toombs

After a pizza break for lunch, we dove into the nitty gritty with sharing from each member of the library staff.

RML Development DayFollowing each of these presentations, the staff got down and dirty with copyright. The Association of Research Libraries recently assembled an excellent document called “Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries.” Janet Winzenburger brought this to us from a recent Music Library Association conference. Fair use is a concept meant to be interpreted and adding educational value to an item makes it lean towards a transformative interpretation. It was wonderful to weigh in with colleagues regarding this important issue.

Finally, we ended the day with a Media Center update and tour with Media Center Librarian, Denise Green. Denise runs a tight ship downstairs and the RML is quite proud of its collection of recordings. Check out our:

Kudos to our intrepid library director, Jean Toombs, for organizing such a well-run inspiring day. Wonderful to know what our colleagues are up to and tap their smart brains all in an effort to improve services to you, our valued customers!


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