Case Musicology Colloquia

So, Case. You know, that big university with whom CIM shares courses? Well, they have a lot of musical events. Not EVERYthing happens at the CIM.

The event I want to discuss today is their Musicology Colloquia offered just about every Friday during the school year at 4 pm in Harkness Chapel Classroom. Every semester they provide an excellent of lineup of in-house and visiting scholars who discuss their work. It’s always a fascinating experience.

For example, rock star musicologist Dr. Susan McClary (yes, she’s that good) gave an amazing talk on Friday 18 Jan 2013 about a 1675 oratorio by Alessandro Stradella. Why is this interesting? Well, the oratorio’s subject was Salome, that crazy lady who craved heads on plates. An oratorio based on depravity. What’s not to love?

Then last Friday, Dr. Charles Hiroshi Garrett from the University of Michigan spoke about humor in music and the speed of its development in today’s digital culture. He led off with this hilarious video:

And speaking of tongue-in-cheek. Looking for a recital piece? Check out Gabriel Kahane’s set of songs based on text from Craigslist personal ads:

So, not only will you come away smarter, but you might get some programming ideas!

Case Musicology Colloquia
Most Fridays at 4
Harkness Chapel Classroom

Be there.


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