Salute to Our Student Workers!

Brian Myer and Corey Shotwell enoying life

Brian Myer and Corey Shotwell enoying life

School is winding down and celebrations are beginning to take place. Students are finishing up and heading out. Now’s the time to salute our student workers for a job well-done over the course of the year.

Reference Librarian Laurie Lake (yours truly) ends the year by hosting a barbecue at her home for her loyal reference assistants. Their ability to man the reference desk during office hours makes it possible for Laurie to disappear downstairs for some uninterrupted work time. The intense training these stalwart workers undergo at the beginning of the year prepare them to help you, our information seekers, locate just the right resource to assist in your research.

There are many departments within the library that succeed with the help of CIM students.  These departments include the Media Center, Circulation, and Reference which have all been featured previously on this blog. Your Robinson Music Library functions as well as it does due to our loyal students. We salute and thank you for your efforts in 2012-13!


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  1. And a shout out to our “behind-the-scene” student workers. Cecilia Orazi is completing four years as Acquisition Assistant. We will definitely miss her meticulous and thorough work. Amber Christine finishes her first year and will step in for Cecilia in the fall. Job well done, everyone.

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