Feed those Journals!

Well, the appropriate term is journal feed, but the word combo in the title just seemed more exciting.

So, you’ve all heard the importance of using scholarly, heavily researched articles to inform your research and papers. Where do you go to find these things? How do you stay current  within my topic? Most important of all, what can you feed to those journals (sorry, couldn’t resist)?

The feed to which I am referring is called an RSS Feed or Really Simple Syndication. Remember syndication? Where all those old reruns would live on in perpetuity? Think Gilligan’s Island reruns after school (I have to admit that I mentioned this old shipwreck of a show to an undergraduate the other day and they looked at me like I was speaking Swahili. Doesn’t everyone know about Lovey and Thurston Howell III?).

An RSS Feed delivers content to you, like getting a magazine in the mail (another thing about which I suppose some future undergrad will look at me like I’m crazy). The beauty of this is you don’t have to keep checking. It’s simply sent to you.

You’ll need a reader to translate those urls (feeds) into readable content. Feedly is my go-to these days due to the imminent death of Google Reader. They’ve got some nice explanations of how it all works.

Here’s a quick 7-slide Flowboard tutorial that shows you how to get either:

  • Email alerts
  • RSS feed

delivered whenever new content is published by your favorite journal.

Too many things to think about? Well, just visit the new LibGuide dedicated to new journal content. You will need VPN enabled to see the content.

Of course, one can easily be overwhelmed by such things, like poor Fred and Carrie below.


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