Meet Chris Trotman, Intern Extraordinaire

Chris hard at work entering CIM composer data.

Chris hard at work entering CIM composer data.

We are very lucky here in the Robinson Music Library this summer to have a smart, young, enterprising young man helping us out. Chris Trotman is finishing his MLIS at Kent State and doing an internship with us over the next six weeks as part of his degree. Chris is a composer who plays both the violin and piano. He holds a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance from Samford University and a Master of Music in Composition from the University of Alabama. It’s really wonderful to have a working musician rounding out our staff this summer.

Chris is dividing his time between three departments in the library; music cataloging, acquisitions, and instructional outreach.

For Denise Green, our amazing Media Librarian, Chris is copy cataloging Robinson Music Library media (CDs, LPs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs) for the Case and Affiliate Library Catalog.The project will involve learning the basics of MARC, OCLC Connexion Client, Millenium Cataloging, and will include an introduction to cataloging rules, such as AACR2 and RDA. Some experience with derived and original cataloging will also be included.

He will start his duties with Janet Winzenburger, resident acquisition wizard, in July.

In the afternoon, Chris has been helping Instructional Outreach Librarian, Laurie Lake, with a special CIM composer research project. Chris has assembled a spreadsheet of all the illustrious musicians (Quincy Porter, Roger Sesssions, Donald Erb, etc.) who have taught theory or composition here at CIM over the course of the institution’s history. He will be creating a timeline using Dipity to display this remarkable cast of characters. He will also spend some time in the Special Collections Library at KSL pouring over the copious bits of information about violist and composer, Marcel Dick, one of the few who has played in, conducted, and composed for The Cleveland Orchestra. This is all in preparation for next year’s theme here at CIM, Composer Virtuosi. Stay tuned for future blog posts and an exciting new LibGuide coming your way!


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