Vinyl spins

Following  yesterday’s Tumblr regarding the resurgence of vinyl records got me thinking. How many current college students know what a  record even looks like? I know that when I see them demoed downstairs in the media center there’s a lot of “Oh, wow”s and “it’s so big”s. Yes, it is a giant cd that plays on both sides. And here’s the part where I get to say, “When I was young….” Well, I remember collecting albums of all the great works with flute excerpts and playing them on my cool Technix turntable that had pitch adjustment. This meant that I could raise or lower the speed of the turning record to adjust the pitch to be more in line with the sound I was producing on my flute. It was a great way to learn the rep, playing along with old Chicago Symphony or New York Phil recordings. Fun pretending I was up there on stage with Donald Peck or Julius Baker as my section leader.

When people wax rhapsodic about audio fidelity, they inevitably bring up the sense of warmth received from vinyl. This in contrast to the crystal clean sound from digital files, like they were machine generated. Well, in a way, these digital files were cleaned up for that pristine created-in-a-laboratory sound. But to those who’ve grown up with cds, records are probably akin to wax cylinders to my Baby Boomer ears.

So come on down to the media center and experience some of the records housed along the wall. Who knows, you might actually hear something different that might spark your imagination.


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