Kool It Hall

CIM letterhead 1968

One of the many hats your RML library staff wears is maintaining the Institute’s archives. We recently have been charged with sorting through boxes and boxes of, for lack of a better term, old stuff filed away in storage to discover what should be saved and what should be discarded.

Well, you’ve got  a real treat in store because the intrepid student Reference Assistants, Corey Shotwell and Bryan Myer (both MM candidates for 2014 in voice), have come across some real gems.

gypsiedanceEvidently in the 1960s (a great decade, might I add), there were some goofy spoofs that occurred with the support of the board. Check out this silly Carmen program by Georges Too Bizet.

And here’s the invitation to a similar event in 1968. Check out the fine cuisine!

The text above set to the tune from Carmen‘s Gypsy Dance reads:

We are the red-hot gypsy gals
The boys we love are more than pals
We leave a trail of broken hearts
It’s because we overdo our parts
Don’t ask which part
It’s all done in the dark


And how about this one:

I’m the guy who gives the girls the eye
I never miss a try
They all succomb to me
I’m irresistable
And oh so kissable
Ev’ry gal is at my feet and cries for an embrace
I have never had a girl resist

escamillo's aria


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