Net neutrality

We librarians take access to information very seriously. In fact, support of “equitable access” is mentioned in the American Library Association’s Code of Ethics. This means everyone can obtain information from a library regardless of race, belief, or income level. Creates a beautifully level playing field.

The Digital Divide has long been on our radar. With the advent of the internet and so much information available online, it is important to preserve access to the world wide web for all. However, cable is expensive and platforms like computers and tablets are not necessarily in every home. Enter public libraries who provide these terminals to everyone.

I tell you this as background for the latest battle regarding net neutrality. To simplify things as much as possible, internet service providers want to create a two-tiered internet: a slow speed (less expensive) and a fast speed (more expensive). This further exacerbates the problem of paying for access to information, but with the means to affect the business world.

John Oliver’s humorous explanation above is spot on. Enjoy.


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