Technology Habitrail

9954775204_c23f70b1be_mEver wonder how all those RML techno-wonders like the videos and tutorials get made? Or how those many digital images on our myriad of LibGuides get created?

Well, look no further than the Midwest Notebook, the quarterly newsletter of the Midwest Chapter of the Music Library Association.

We’ve discussed this organization in the past. Last fall, the organization held its successful annual meeting here in the CLE.

Instructional Outreach Librarian and Technology Coordinator, Laurie Lake, has her own column in Midwest Notebook which runs down several of her favorite new digital tools. Technology Habitrail leads us down the rabbit hole deep into the world of digital toys that Laurie has found extremely helpful in her job at your RML.

Here are the two most recent articles:

Technology Habitrail 1

Technology Habitrail 2


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