Words of Wisdom

5497263470_4e4f4536a3_mMarshall Griffith, beloved CIM Theory professor, was chosen as a recipient of the 2014 Distinguished Alumni Award. He spoke at our Honors Convocation last May. Marshall graciously shared his comments with me and has allowed them to be reproduced on this forum. Below please find his wise words to the graduating class.

1. Take on anything. Give 110%.

2. Don’t Fail! You’re only as good as your last gig.

3. Don’t relate Money to Time or you’ll become bitter. This is particularly true with commissions but also performances/rehearsals. The best things in life are free and many of my most treasured experiences I did not get paid for at all.

4. Be part of the community you live in: It is a global village but the local environment matters perhaps even more.

5. Volunteer and meet many wonderful people outside of music.

6. No matter how little you make, give some to a charity.

7. Don’t shy away from leadership, embrace it.

8. Be a good and organized colleague.

And remember, even though you’ve left the day-to-day world at CIM, there are still libraries to visit!


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