Database Feature: JSTOR

jstor_logo_mediumConsider this the first in an occasional series featuring the myriad groovy electronic resources your RML offers. Today we focus on JSTOR.

Founded in 1995 with support from the Mellon Foundation and the University of Michigan, JSTOR launched its non-profit enterprise dedicated to digitizing scholarly journal articles. Eschewing the here-today-gone-tomorrow ethos of the world of for-profit databases, JSTOR has a dedicated preservation service ensuring that its digitized content will be preserved.

JSTOR’s scope is broad with access to a multitude of disciplines. A total of 592 music titles are offered. These include full-text access to such stalwarts as Nineteenth Century Music, the Musical Quarterly, and Perspectives of New Music. JSTOR’s content is made available via its Moving Wall or delayed access of 3 of 5 years for the most current content.

JSTOR’s search mechanism is keyword based, lacking helpful subject headings. However, a helpful Citation Locator tracks down other articles that have cited the article you’ve chosen.

Personalize your JSTOR experience by creating an account that can alert you to new journal releases and search term tracking to keep your research up-to-date.

As always, you’ll need VPN up and running on your computer if you’re off-campus to access this resource.


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