What do you fear most about research?

IMG_0019I tried a new thing this year in my one-shot information lit classes. I began each session passing out 3 x 5 cards and asked each student to list what they feared most about research.

It’s nice to design the session around what the students actually need rather than what I think they should learn.

I read them outloud during class. The students are pleased to learn they are not alone in their fears as the answers are all quite similar.

Here’s a sampling of the results:

“That I won’t find what I’m look for even after hours of research.”

“Don’t know where to begin or what I’m looking for.”

“Citing sources correctly.”

“I don’t like going into a new place where I don’t know how or where to find things.”

“Having to go through massive amounts of material to get a few choice nuggets of information.”

“I fear that I don’t know where to begin.”

“The immense number of resources available that look like they are all going to fall on me and bury me alive”

and my personal favorite:
“Having to do it.”


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