RML: The Newest LINK in the Chain


Already this year, you may have noticed many of Robinson Music Library’s promotions have been geared toward CIM’s new membership with OhioLINK. You may have also noticed that several of us are REALLY excited about it. And finally, in regard to our excitement, you may have wondered to yourself: “Why should I care?”

LET ME TELL YOU! (Okay, I promise I’ll let up on the all-caps. But the excitement here is real, believe me.)

While RML will always strive to bring you the best resources to support your studies, there is a whole wide world of resources out there that we simply can’t have on our shelves (due to space, cost, etc.). Even Case Western libraries, while expansive in their coverage, do not have every material for every person’s interest area. This is where OhioLINK comes in.

OhioLINK unites the many libraries across the state, both academic and public, and makes each individual collection available to borrowers from any other participating library. Not only that, but they allow you to request materials online and have them delivered to any library of your choosing in the network. Consortia are wonderful things, but it’s particularly amazing when you realize that instead of having access to thousands of books, you now have access to millions of them!

Okay, so that’s great, but let’s talk about why that is really great for you as musicians. Consider that now, instead of just having all the amazing scores and recordings available to you at RML and Kulas, you now have access to specialized music collections across the state like those at Oberlin, CCM, OU, and Ohio State, just to name a few. In turn, these users now have access to borrow the amazing materials that we have here. Don’t worry, however, a core collection of our items has been designated just for use for students and faculty of the Joint Music Program here at CIM/Case (marked with the green JMP stickers you’ll see around the stacks). We’ve gone from hundreds of users to millions of users, but our mission is always going to focus on serving you, our CIM students, faculty, and staff!

From personal experience, I can say that OhioLINK really has the potential to change the way you use the library. We’ve always had Interlibrary Loan (ILL), but being able to get materials from across the state within 4-5 business days puts an incredible amount of resources at your fingertips. When I was a student at Youngstown State, I used this service every week (at least). The things you can find—books, scores, CDs, DVDs, dissertations, etc.—are absolutely stunning. And you aren’t limited just to academic items; OhioLINK is perfect for your personal reading/viewing/listening as well. (Everyone needs to kick back with a good movie or fun novel every now and again!)

If you haven’t tried the service yet, give it a shot! You’ll need to stop by the RML Circulation desk to get your library account number so you can place requests, but feel free to pick up one of our new bookmarks that give you a step-by-step list to requesting items. Or you can always drop by our Reference Desk for a quick tutorial!

For more information on OhioLINK, check out their website: https://ohiolink.edu/

Or search the OhioLINK catalog: http://olc1.ohiolink.edu/search

But for the most specific CIM info, check out our LibGuide! http://libguides.cim.edu/ohiolink

Until next time, enjoy this new, awesome resource!



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