(Un)Buried Treasures


I want to tell you today about an awesome project that we have going on in the library! But first, let’s talk about why music school (and CIM in particular) is awesome…

I think we can all agree that CIM is a pretty great place to be studying, working, and generally going about our lives. We have brilliant faculty, dedicated staff, and a superb student body that make this such an inspiring place to be. This has been the case throughout the school’s almost century-long history as well. As a new member of the CIM community, I can safely say I feel privileged to be joining the ranks.

One of the nifty things you get to see when you are working in a library is the depth of the collections–there are some pretty amazing books, scores, etc. that live in our collection. But what is particularly interesting to see are the unique recordings that each school of music has.

I’m not talking about who has the coolest box sets of CDs or most obscure LP collection; I’m referring to the recordings that are made locally of the people that make up each school’s community. There are gems hiding in these library collections—performances that exist nowhere else that can be rarely accessed by folks outside of these schools. That being said, the CIM recording collection that we have here at Robinson Music Library is AMAZING!

While I was never a student here at CIM, I still know the names of the many stunning performers that have taught at or visited the halls of CIM over the years and would have loved to hear their live performances. From famed oboist John Mack to piano virtuoso Sergei Babayan, our collection of local CDs has one-of-a-kind performances by these famous artists that can only be accessed by you, our CIM students. That’s right—you have privileged access to recordings by musical masters that none of your peers across the country and internationally can ever hear. When you think about it, that’s crazy! (But also awesome!)

So if you didn’t know that these things existed before, now you know! All the CIM performances for major ensembles and recitals are down in our Media Center. Because these recordings are one-of-a-kind, we can’t check them out (once they’re gone, they’re gone forever), but you can definitely hear them in that comfy space.

As for actually locating them, this is where the project comes in!

Our intrepid Media Center Assistant, Jon Borgetti, has been tirelessly entering all of the local CIM performances into a new database. Whereas in the past, you had to search through a card catalog or a paper log to find performances, all of these CIM performances are now accessible with a simple Ctrl + F search!

We’ve got the first draft of this database (a .pdf file title “CIM Performance Log”) up and ready to go on all of the computers in the Media Center right now and we want you to come give it a try! We’ll be adding even more features to it in the next few months such as listings of all the works on each concert and featured performers. Let us know if there’s anything that you think of that could help enhance this tool.

Your library staff is always on the hunt for new ways to get you what you need, and maybe things you didn’t even know you wanted. While these amazing recordings have always been here, this new tool is a great opportunity to easily access all of these gems that we have right here in RML!


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