Apart, But Not Alone


As finals are wrapping up and folks are headed home for the winter break, you’ll be glad to know that Robinson Music Library is still here for you. Our doors will be closed from today through January 3rd, but do not fear, you still have plenty of options to find the music you’re looking for.

Let’s start online. Even when you’re not on campus, you still have access to all of our awesome online databases. In order to do this, you will have to start by firing up the VPN—this stands for Virtual Private Network. For these databases, there is no individual logon that you will have, but rather, the database recognizes a range of IP addresses for the computers on the Case Western and CIM campuses. When you are not physically on those networks (meaning using the wifi in any of the campus buildings), your IP address will not fall into that appropriate range. By establishing the VPN, however, the database will recognize your computer as if you were actually still sitting right here in Robinson Music Library. You can download the software you need for the VPN right here at https://vpnsetup.case.edu/.

You’re going to need to follow the steps closely to set this up for your machine. If you get stuck, get in touch with Case Western’s IT service team and they’ll be able to walk you through. This is a great option to get to watch, listen to, and explore all of our awesome databases right from home 24 hours a day. Even if you haven’t set this up before, give it a try now. It’s a great option to add to your machine and seriously enhance your online research capabilities. Or you could just spend some time kicking back and watching Met On Demand while relaxing at home–your choice!

Next up, you may still need scores and books while we are away. For that, there are a couple of options—Start first with your freebies. If the work you’re looking for is in the public domain (most anything printed before 1923), you will be able to find it right on IMSLP (www.imslp.org). The quality might not always be spot on, or you may not find the edition that you were hoping for, but the base content will be there and can get you started. Additionally, with us joining OhioLINK this year, you can now order items online and have them delivered to any other participating library. That means that while RML might be closed, you can still order items and pick them up at other locations near where you live (assuming you’re still in Ohio). So if you’re in Cleveland, give one of our local public libraries a visit! You can select your pickup location right at the end of the transaction.

Even if you’re out of town and need help over the break and the library is open, don’t hesitate to call us for help! We might not be checking our e-mails while things are closed, but we’ll be back in business starting January 3rd, ready to help you kick off spring semester. For now though, have a wonderful winter break; rest up, spend time with your friends, family, and assorted loved ones, eat some delicious (read: unhealthy) food, and we will look forward to seeing you in 2016!


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