Near, Far, Wherever You Are: Get Connected with a VPN!

It’s the beginning of a new semester and as such, your Library wants to help you get the most use out of our online resources with the use of CWRU’s VPN system.


As I’m sure most folks are well aware, the library offers access to a ton of great online resources that we all use for research, study, or just for fun. Things like NAXOS, Grove Music Online, RILM, and Met Opera on Demand (just to name a few) have drastically changed the way people interact with music-related materials. Way back in the day, in order to access print and recording materials in your library, you would have to go to the actual physical space during the open hours available to you. With these online resources, though, the library can offer access to scholarly articles, masterful recordings, and wonderful full books 24 hours a day online.

You may be saying, “Of course I can get recordings and information all the time—it’s called the Internet.” But you would be only partially right.

Of course you can always access free online services like Spotify, Wikipedia, and YouTube. These are great resources and shouldn’t be discounted, but the databases to which the library subscribes are by and large the most authoritative information/recording sources for musicians. I’m sure we’ve all encountered a “performance” on YouTube of a piece we’re working on as we try to study interpretation… Sometimes counterexamples are great, but when you really want to hear the pros do it, it’s better to tune into the Met broadcasts or listen to the catalog of great performances on Classical Music Online. Because these resources are so great (and cost money), any users must be able to show CIM affiliation and this is done through the IP address on your computer.

Here’s where the term VPN comes in. It stands for Virtual Private Network and what this program does is make your computer pretend as if it is connected to the network at CIM or CWRU (the same results as connecting through Case Wireless on campus). That way, you will be automatically logged in to all of the online resources on our site. Without the VPN, all of the subscription databases will ask for a login name and password before allowing you to see the content. Because we don’t supply passwords for this sort of thing, you can download the free VPN software here:

Setup is fairly quick and easy, but just in case you’re in need of help, the library staff is more than happy to assist you!

This semester, in particular, we are setting up an info/help table to get you set up to use the VPN from home! Bring your laptop to our information table and your trusty CIM Library and IT staff members will walk you through the process of setting up the VPN on your machine. The table will run on February 3rd and 4thfrom 9am-4pm (with a lunch break from 12-1p on Wed. and 1-2p on Thurs.). All you need is your laptop and your phone to get connected to all of the amazing resources Robinson Music Library has to offer! For more information, check out our Facebook event page:



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