The official blog of the Robinson Music Library at the Cleveland Institute of Music. This blog is authored and maintained by RML’s Research Services Librarian, Patrick Fulton. The blog will feature weekly posts (give or take) on a variety of topics of interest from library services/resources, music, general fine arts topics, scholarship, etc.

Previous authors of the include Laurie Lake, RML Reference Librarian, the second author of this blog, and Bonnie Houser Eggers who initiated the blog.

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  1. David


  2. Hi
    Do you have notes for La Traviata for 10-12 musicians (chamberorchestra)?
    Best regards, Jon

  3. Our program notes database for the Cleveland Orchestra (See http://www.cim.edu/libProgNotesSearch.php) currently encompasses the 1939-40 to 2004-05 Seasons. I did a search of the database and only found selected arias performed from La Traviata. The orchestra has a history of performing staged operas. However, I did not see a listing for “La Traviata.” You could inquire directly with the Cleveland Orchestra Archives. Their contact information is:

    (216) 231-7356

    Best wishes, Bonnie Houser

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